“When you charter the unchartered, the simplest voice can be heard screaming towards you.”

Pre-order of pulls debut album “Pull A String, A Puppet moves”.

Pull – Pull A String, A Puppet Moves

A quirky debut from the quartet Pull.  Plenty of cross-genre action, and the quartet really seems to relish charging from one influence to the next.  Sometimes the music has the boisterous enthusiasm of a beer hall anthem and other times the solemn tones of Sunday morning reverence.  Of particular interest is the track “Stargazing,” which comes straight out of the Todd Sickafoose-Chris Lightcap school of indie jazz.  It’s the album’s strongest track and the most promising sign of the direction this band might embark upon for their next recording.  But ’til then, this fun album should help fill the void. – Dave Summer birdistheworm.com